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Akoa A.


Fonkou T., Fonteh MF., Djousse Kanouo M., Akoa A.Performances of Vegetated Beds with Echinochloa pyramidalis in the Purification of Wastewater from Distillery in Sub-Saharan Africa (Text in French), p. 69-76.
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Ambang Z., Akoa A., Bekolo N., Nantia J., Chewachong GM.Resistance to Mosaic Disease of M. glaviozii by Grafting on M. Esculenta (Text in French), p. 8-14.
vol. 27 no 1 - PDF text


Ambang Z., Akoa A., Bekolo N., Nantia J., Nyobe L., Ongono YSB.Tolerance of some Cassava Cultivars (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and the Wild Species (M. Glaziovii) to Cassava Mosaic Virus Disease and Brown Leaf Spot (Text in French), p. 140-145.
vol. 25 no 3 - PDF text