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Kpangui KB.


Koffi GRY., Kouassi K., Barima YSS., Kpangui KB., Assi-Kaudjhis JP.Cocoa Cultivation, Disintegration of Land Access and Food Security in the Sub-prefecture of Dania (Center-west of Côte d'Ivoire) (Text in French), p. 380-391.
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Kpangui KB., Vroh BTA., Kouamé D., Goné BZB., Koffi BJC., Adou Yao CY.Cocoa Expansion Dynamics in the Forest-Savanna Contact Zones: Case Study of the Sub-prefecture of Kokumbo (Côte d'Ivoire) (Text in French), p. 195-205.
vol. 36 no 2 - PDF text