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Atti N.


Rouissi H., Atti N., Mahouachi M., Rekik B.Effects of Supplementing Grazing by Different Sources of Protein on Tunisian Goat Performances (Text in French), p. 111-114.
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Mahouachi M., Atti N., Rouissi H., Tissaoui M.Effects of Substitution of Soybean Meal by Urea on Growth Performance of Tunisian Local Breed Lambs (Text in French), p. 26-31.
vol. 22 no 1 - PDF text


Mahouachi M., Rekik M., Atti N., Chermiti A., M'Hedhbi K.Addition of Soyabean Meal and/or Rapeseed Meal in Barley-Based Concentrate for Fattening Sheep ofD'Man and Queue Fine de l'Ouest Breeds (Text in French), p. 74-79.
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