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Amodu JT.


Omokanye AT., Onifade OS., Amodu JT., Balogun RO., Kallah MS.Evaluation of Dual-purpose Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) Varieties for Grain and Fodder Production at Shika, Nigeria, p. 42-46.
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Onifade OS., Omokanye AT., Amodu JT.The Influence of Seed Rate and Fertilizer Type on Growth of Tridax procumbens in Subhumid Nigeria, p. 70-74.
vol. 19 no 2 - PDF text


Omokanye AT., Amodu JT., Onifade OS.Effects of Phosphorus and Harvest Time on Dry Matter Yield, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Contents of Horsegram Macrotyloma uniflorum, p. 73-76.
vol. 14 no 2 - PDF text