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Editorial committee

President: Prof. Dr. J. Bogaert (GxABT/ULiège).

Editor‐in‐chief: Prof. Dr. Ir. G. Mergeai (GxABT/ULiège).

Members: Prof. Dr. Ir. P. Bertin (UCL), Prof. Dr. Ir. E. Tollens (KULeuven), Prof. Dr. Ir. Ch. De Cannière (ULB), Prof. Dr. B. Losson (ULiège), Prof. Dr. J.‐C. Micha (FUNDP), Prof. Dr. Ir. B. Tychon (DSGE ULiège), Prof. Dr. P. Dorny (IMTA), Prof. Dr. Ir. P. Van Damme (UGent), Prof. Dr. S. Geerts (KAOW ‐ ARSOM), Dr. G. Akoda (EISMV), Dr. Ir. A. Dieng (ENSA), Prof. Dr. Ir. P. Mobambo (UNIKIN), Dr. C. Ly (ILRI) and Prof. Dr. J. Vercruysse (UGent).

Assistant to the editor‐in‐chief: Dr. Ir. Germain Harelimana.

Board of directors of the Agri‐Overseas non‐profit organisation

The board of directors consists of Prof. Dr. J. Bogaert (chairman), Prof. Dr. Ir. G. Mergeai (managing director), Prof. Dr. B. Losson (treasurer), Dr Eric Thys (secretary), Prof. Dr. J. Vercruysse (member) and Prof. Dr. S. Geerts (member).

Permanent guests: the permanent secretary of RAOS and director of ERAIFT.


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